This website offers many resources to information-sharing partners in the public domain who seek technical solutions for enforcing access-control policies governing protected data. Supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the National Center for State Courts welcomes your feedback about the content, your suggestions for additional resources, and your requests for technical assistance.

  1. Introduction - a 6-minute video setting out a high-level business case for agency executives:  “Why should I care about technical privacy?”
  2. Primer -  seven 15-minute courses providing an interactive overview of the Global Privacy Policy Technical Framework:  “How does technical privacy solve our business problems?”
  3. Readiness Assessment - five interactive segments blending an implementation roadmap, videotaped interviews with pilot implementers, self-assessment surveys, and recommended next steps:  “How do we evolve from today’s architecture to the Global Privacy Policy Technical Framework?”
  4. Implementation Guide - a deep technical dive, including XACML exercises and a Virtual Machine for practice:  “How do we build, install, and test the components of the Global Privacy Policy Technical Framework?”